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Using checks for B2B payments has declined over the past 10 years to the point where 49% of payments are being made with methods other than checks.

Businesses are moving to credit cards for their cash back rewards but are quickly using them to their limits until reverting to checks.

So we thought, why can’t businesses have unlimited rewards?

For the first time ever, you can use the free Paybaks portal to pay your vendors after maximizing your credit cards, directly adding to your company’s bottom line through endless cash back rebates. It’s the best way to securely pay invoices while ensuring you’re getting the most cash back for your company.
No limits, no deadlines, no fees. Add your vendors, pay your invoices, and start earning cash back today!

“The two most important things are our customers and our employees. When they succeed, we succeed.”


The Team

John’s career has weaved in and out of software and finance since before he went to college, so it’s no surprise he’s in the FinTech space now.  A native New Yorker, we like to call him a Damn Yankee around the office, but truthfully he’s been down here so long he’s shed most of that New York City thing.

John Haldi


Matt is a startup operations expert and technology development leader. Early in his career, he found a passion around bringing talented teams together to tackle difficult challenges and build amazing technology solutions. Matt believes that both customers and employees should be a company’s #1 focus.

Matt Apesos


Ruff… coming soon.

Josh Vance


After graduating Kennesaw State University with a marketing degree, Kayla moved to Atlanta to start her own web design firm for fitness professionals. Kayla now uses her design skills and marketing strategy experience to grow Paybaks’ user base.

Kayla Smith

Senior Marketing Manager

Connor is a native to Boston, but his heart is in Atlanta. Besides loving the work he does at Paybaks, Connor studies mechanical engineering and business at Georgia Tech. In his part time, he often finds himself shooting photos, designing websites, or eating ramen.

Connor Meeds

Director of Affiliate Marketing

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