Define solutions

How Three Best Friends are Changing the Recruiting World with Personal Development

Define solutions

How Three Best Friends are Changing the Recruiting World with Personal Development


Define Solutions is an Atlanta-based recruiting firm co-founded by three lifelong friends who look at themselves as brothers; Alexander Joseph, CEO and Co-Founder (24), Gabriel Pinto, CRO and Co-Founder (24) and Kyle Ponton, COO and Co-Founder (24). All three were involved in an affiliate marketing business until they finally decided it was time to run their own business together. Looking for a place to start, Joseph and Pinto pushed to start with the industry they’ve been exploring at the time; professional recruiting.

This idea seemed to perfectly align with their values. The founders have actually been running a free organization in Atlanta called “DEFIN3,” a personal development-based organization centered around helping people find their purpose.

“The whole idea of the organization is help people grow mentally, spiritually and physically to find their definition,” said Pinto. “And that is the base of our inspiration, our motivation, our passion, what we’re trying to do. And then Define Solutions was started as the first branch of DEFIN3 which was the first business to start the whole partnership.”

When asked what has driven them the most, the founders responded with purpose – both purpose for themselves and DEFIN3: “ DEFIN3 is helping as many people around the world find their purpose, figure out what their passions are and become more self aware,” said Pinto. “So what drives us is helping as many people by adding as much value to the marketplace and being the best versions of ourselves.”

Define Solutions talked of the unique insights they tend to unearth:


1. Know the World Without is Created By the World Within

“I believe external success is 100% directly related to internal success or struggles. The world without is created by the world within and what’s going on in the world within, in our thoughts, our feelings, our heart and our mind, will show up in the world without. Basically, more work, more knowledge, more networking, that is not going to have a drastic or exponential shift if the internal thing has not been overcame. I think there was a lot of struggles for us, but the breakthrough was in realizing that all of the struggles that we were having externally was a reflection of things that we did not face or overcome internally. Once we overcame that, success started to come. If you’re not seeing the success that you you deserve or have earned, you probably should look into the internal stuff going on within you.”


2. Be the Finders, Minders and Keepers of the Company

“In professional businesses, everybody’s broken up into three categories; the finders, the minders and the keepers. This is the people that find business, the people that mind it, apply their mind to it – which is to deliver on it, and then the administrators and managers of keeping it – which is the financial administration operational components of it,” Joseph said. “We do all three and most people don’t do that, they either put it off on somebody else’s plate, or they try and only tackle one category at a time.”


3. Find a Great Team and Be Along for the Ride

Startup owners must be willing to know their original business plan will change. The actual journey towards success is completely different than what most entrepreneurs first initiated. “I would say for us, we’ve probably kept about 1-3.5% of our original business plan because the long term was where we want to go,” Ponton pointed out.

When asked what’s the one piece of advice they would give to an entrepreneur wanting to take that big leap into the startup world, Pinto responded with, “This is simple, find a team of people that are better at the things that you know you’re not.”

So what’s next for the three founders?

“Define Solutions is the first step in our long term vision of becoming a brand both for people and businesses.” said Joseph. “We strive to be the focal point of how businesses can better their employees by helping them grow as people. We feel like the first step and how to do that is to be a business that first finds the people they need.”


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