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There are many accounts payable solutions that give you cash back for paying invoices. We’ve made Paybaks the easiest solution with the highest rebate for small and mid-sized business. 

Paybaks is like online bill pay that generates a unique card for each invoice you pay. There is no credit; the funds move directly out of your account. This gives you limitless spending (and rebate!) potential.

Here’s how easy it is to pay an invoice:

1) When you get an invoice, put it into your accouting system like you normally would. 

2) Next, In our cloud-based portal, add your vendor and create a card for the specific invoice amount. You can create cards for multiple invoices with a single click.

3) Then, behind the scenes, we initiate an ACH in the specific invoice amount from your account to a FDIC insuraced accoutn at Metabank ($CASH). Once the funds clear, we let you know a card is ready and waiting for you to give to your vendor. It is a visa or MC with a 16 digit number, a CVV, and an expiration. 

At the end of each month, we send you a statement that includes all your transactions, and we deposit your cash back rebate into your account. 

It’s that easy. 

How You Get Paid

Suppliers who accept credit cards pay processing fees. These fees are negotiated between the vendor and their card processor. The fees go to three places: the vendor’s bank, the Visa/Mastercard network, and the bank that issued the card used to make the payment. When you use Paybaks, the issuing bank (MetaBank) gives a chunk of their fee to BluePenguin, who pays you.

How Your Supplier Gets Paid

When you decide to pay a vendor, money is transferred from your bank account to fund a virtual card. Once funded, you send a virtual card securely to your vendor. Your vendor processes it on their end like any other charge card.

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