Physician 360

This Startup is Taking Telemedicine to a New Level


Dr. Angela Fusaro not just an Emergency Medicine Physician here in Atlanta. She is one of the founders of Physician 360, an innovative startup providing at-home testing kits that save you a trip to the doctor.

Fusaro attended Emory University for her undergrad as a neuroscience major. After college, she studied abroad before attending medical school in NYC and then returned to Emory as a faculty member. After collaborating on some biomedical engineering projects with some friends at Georgia Tech, she discovered her love for product development and innovation. She felt she needed to strengthen her business background, and decided to go to Goizueta Business School to get her MBA.


1. Listen for the Pain

While attending business school, Fusaro designed “Insight to Innovation,” a workshop to help other physicians understand the process of translating clinical insight into a marketable product. There she connected with the soon-to-be cofounders of Physician 360, Dr. Rob Lapporte and Dr. Robert Rankins. Together the founders did a deep dive and realized they were hearing the same complaint from patients- the long waiting and high deductibles. This convinced them that telemedicine was the future, however, they noticed utilization rates were low even though telemedicine platform are everywhere.


2. Deliver Exactly What’s Being Asked

“Patients want to see objective tests to confirm their diagnosis. They don’t trust being told, especially when they’re being told by someone they’ve never met before, ‘no you don’t have strep’ or ‘yes you do have strep’. We have been conditioned to trust objective tests,” Fusaro said. “And so rather than trying to change patient behavior, or rather than trying to culturally rewrite customer expectations, why don’t we try to deliver them exactly what they’re looking for, which is the same diagnostic certainty, but with all the convenience of telemedicine.“

This is where Fusaro and the other two founders created Physician 360, a business that provides accurate, quick, and simple testing kits to save people a visit to the doctor. Patients are able to meet with their physician online or through their smartphone after performing the quick test to interpret and determine the results. Physician 360 currently provides four different tests which are Strep, UTI, Flu and Anemia. Patients can order the tests online or at a designated pharmacy. To keep the convenience of not having to leave your home, each test is priced the same as a primary copay.


3. There’s No Secret Sauce 

 The founder’s journey making Physician 360 come to life has not been an easy one. However, that has not stopped Fusaro. In fact, she gives this advice to any entrepreneur getting into the startup space: “I’m pretty convinced that there’s no secret sauce. At the end of the day, the most important quality you have to have as an entrepreneur is the belief and the confidence that there is nobody more equipped than you to just figure it out. Because so much of entrepreneurship is just figuring it out. And there’s no map and there’s no guidebook and so you have to essentially wake up every day just being like, I don’t know the answers to the following, 1 million questions, but I know that I am fully capable of figuring it out. And so I think that’s probably the first most important advice.”

You can find a Physician 360 testing kit online or at a designated pharmacy.


(770) 919-5848 (sales) | (770) 919-5846 (support) | | 5725 Buford Highway NE Suite 213 Atlanta, GA 30340

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