VCards: The Future of Payables

What Are Virtual Cards (VCards)?

A virtual card is a form of payment that works like a typical credit/debit card. A VCard has a 16-digit card number, an expiration, and a CVV, but there is no physical card. It’s a computer-generated card number that is good for only 1 transaction and only for a specific dollar amount (e.g. $4375.37). Once the card has been processed, the card number cannot be used again.


VCards are designed for paying invoices that you’re currently paying with checks or ACH. They don’t replace purchase cards or physical credit cards.

Modernize Your A/P with Virtual Cards

Historically, when you receive an invoice from a vendor, payment is remitted by check or ACH. The Virtual Card was invented about 10 years ago because these payment methods are costly and inefficient.

VCards are created for a single transaction. The VCard is funded for a specific dollar amount – the amount of an invoice. If a vendor attempts to process the card for one penny more or one penny less than the amount of the invoice, the transaction will be declined.

More vendors accept credit cards than you might realize. 52% of vendors are willing to accept payment electronically, and VCards have been growing as an invoice payment method by more than 20% per year. In fact, companies spent over $100 billion using VCards in 2017.

Virtual Cards are becoming the preferred method for paying vendors because they turn a cost center into a revenue stream.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Big companies have already figured out how to use VCards and are reaping the benefits of the rebates. Some banks offer VCards as part of a broader treasury solution. This usually means a lengthy and complicated implementation process.

Non-bank VCard offerings usually include a payment platform technology that is part of replacing your entire accounts payable process. Most of these VCard solutions are also focused on big companies.

Cash Back

A VCard provides cash back on qualifying transactions. Just like using a cash back credit card, your company can now earn rebates when it uses a VCard to pay invoices.


VCards are a safer payment method from the control they provide. The single-use, specific dollar amount card is difficult to steal and use in fraudulent ways.


With VCards, each invoice is associated with its own unique card number which makes tracking easy.

Decrease Days Payable

With VCards, suppliers can be paid sooner. They’re happy. You’re happy.

The Paybaks Perspective

We think it’s BS that you need a massive integration to use a VCard, and that only the largest customers get the best rebates.

We offer the full rebate that big companies are getting, and we do it with none of the integration headaches. Designed to be easy to setup and easy to use, the Paybaks Card brings the highest available VCard rebates to the SMB space.

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